IT’S A CONFUSING WORLD OUT THERE with thousands of people trying to promote everything from new books to music events and businesses attempting to market all the newest technology or fads to find entry into the ever shrinking pocketbook of the unsuspecting public. It’s hard to get noticed amid the millions of images and words that vie for the attention of consumers everyday. But that’s what Stray Dawg does – combine marketing and publicity to help you or your product get noticed.

Whether it’s your latest CD, self-published book, nightclub event or just a new product you want people to know about, StrayDawg can do the job.

We focus on promotion, marketing and publicity in Texas and the surrounding states. That’s not to say we can’t do a nationwide campaign, it just means that our specialty is getting attention in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

We’re just small enough to give you the personal attention you need and big enough to get the exposure to make you publicity and marketing campaign a success. Give us a try.

We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.