Marketing campaigns often involve paid media or advertising which can include a number of different services such as websites, posters, business cards and other promotional items.  Marketing helps you create a brand image. It can include a direct mail campaign, postcards, in-store flyers, website or blogpromotions among other services.

Stray Dawg meets with each of its clients to set up two distinct campaigns – marketing and publicity. Our marketing pros can design brochures, ads, logos and other needed promotional items for your marketing needs. They are also adept at determining how best to get your message to the public or your targeted audience.

People often confuse marketing with publicity but even though they complement each other, they are two separate functions. Publicity focuses on earned media, or getting free coverage by newspapers,magazines, newsletters, Internet news sources, radioand television based on the product’s news value or its interest to the public.

Publicists handle media relations rather than marketing activities.  They customize pitches about your product depending on who they talking to and make hundreds of phone calls to follow up with interested media.

Marketing Services offered:

      • Advertising
      • Design
      • Strategic Planning
      • Market Planning
      • Research
      • Media Planning & Buying
      • Interactive
      • Sales Promotions
      • Direct Response

Publicity Services offered:

  • Press conferences
  • Press releases
  • Press kits
  • Client biographies
  • Media relations and media tours
  • Coordinating photo shoots
  • Acting as the client’s spokesperson
  • Media training for the client